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Deluxe IT Services are a professional cloud computing implementation company for the SME market. We specialise in initialising, building and maintaining cloud IT services for our clients.

Who we are? What do we do?

We believe that cloud computing is the future and we want to help as many businesses use this new technology to their advantage.

Some of the key reasons why you would want to move your IT into the cloud:

  • Access anywhere

    • You are not restricted to a server in your building
  • Access offline

    • With most cloud software, you can even access it offline and it will sync when you are online again
  • Backup upon backup

    • Never worry if your data is lost. If one data centre goes down, another is available
  • Flexibility

    • You are no longer limited to the power of your server; you can have a similar infrastructure to that of a large corporate company for a fraction of the cost
  • Expandability

    • Most cloud software grows as your business grows, you so you don't have large upgrade costs

Why we are special?

Our vast experience in helping many SME's progress their businesses in IT puts us in a good position to help other companies to do the same. We are special as we focus most of our efforts into Cloud Computing, whereas most of the IT companies build their foundations on hardware like servers in your building.

We have a broad knowledge of IT and infrastructure to give you a balanced idea of what you need in your business. We can help with the transition from your legacy systems to a new cloud system, and most of the time, it doesn't have to be a 'big bang' approach.

Google Apps

We believe that Google Apps is leading the way in corporate cloud computing. In this digital age, nearly all companies need the following, which Google Apps provide a solid foundation for:

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar, Events and Resource management
  • Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and other files
  • Intranet and Extranet Websites
  • A corporate/brand image
  • Group/Departmental Email

Taking this into consideration, Google Apps provides a professional solution that large corporate companies use, but can be affordable to your business too. You don't have the initial expense that a traditional setup requires:

  • In-house servers
  • Networking
  • Software (e.g. Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange & Office)
  • Electricity costs
  • Maintenance of the hardware/software
  • Backup servers
  • Staff Costs

In fact, you could save �1000's because you may never have to spend on these features. Most plans are on a per user basis, so there is no need to buy a batch of 50 licences that you will only use 20 of them. You pay for what you are using.

Contact us today for a quote and to see how much money your company can save against traditional

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

We can maintain and setup most AWS services. Please ask us for details.

Appogee Leave

Companies that are more than sole traders will need some type of leave management. Appogee Leave has taken the headache away that holiday/vacation management can cause. As your company grows, so does the administration and HR requirements. You can find yourself bombarded with countless requests, trying to keep a log on an spreadsheet or wall chart that fails you sometimes (or someone adds their own name to get an extra holiday?).

Appogee Leave can be used as an independent system or it can be integrated into Google Apps which is where the advantages come into their own:

  • Access anywhere - Wherever you have an internet connection, you can access your leave management
  • Automatic backup - Don't worry about losing your spreadsheet, everything is automatically backed up in the cloud
  • Links directly with the users account - So you know exactly who made the request and when they are off
  • Links directly with Google Calendar - You can see with one glance who is away today, this week, this month of the whole year
  • Less work - All requests are collated into one area to speed up the approval process
  • Flexible - You can create rules based on department or add/subtract days from specific employees quickly and simply

Alongside Google Apps, we can integrate this system to help with your management of leave. We will work alongside you to make sure everything works as you would expect



Most business have projects and tasks that require completion. Even those that think they don't will realise how inefficient their business is when they use a software like Smartsheet.

Whether it is a simple checklist of tasks, or a full project plan, Smartsheet is capable of managing the coordination of your business. Smartsheet is:

  • Simple - Smartsheet harnesses the power of a platform within the simplicity of a spreadsheet. No training required � get up and running in minutes.
  • Smart - Assign tasks, attach files, share sheets, view time lines, set alerts, create roll ups, go mobile, and much more � all with one intuitive tool.
  • Trusted - More than a million people use Smartsheet in their organizations. Secure, safe and scalable. IT approves, while you get work done.
  • Flexible - Whatever projects, process or workflows you manage, you'll have insight into who's doing what, and where everything stands.

As with most of the services we implement, Smartsheet integrates with Google Apps:

  • Login - No password required, just login to Google Apps first
  • Email - Get email reminders, or project updates regularly by email
  • Calendar - See your project in your Google Calendar
  • Drive - Attach files from your Google Drive directly to tasks

Read more about Smartsheet here:

Contact us for a quote to implement Smartsheet for your business